⟡ LR01729

MS. Tolkien, 3/​3/​10/​10b10b

Folio 10b of folder LotR 3/3/10 is LR01729; its folder includes 42 other folios and 0 comments. In this context, LR01729 may also be cited as MS. Tolkien, 3/​3/​10/​10b. [1]

LotR 2.04-L p17p 17

LR01729 is the 17th page of the 4th holo­graph of “A Journey in the Dark”; the draft includes 41 other pages and 0 comments. In this context, LR01729 may also be cited as LotR 2.04-L p17. [2]

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The LR num­ber will for­ev­er remain invi­o­lable, and is there­fore the rec­om­mend­ed cita­tion method. By con­trast, it is pos­si­ble that the page num­ber with­in the draft will change as schol­ar­ship pro­gress­es, and there­fore any draft-page cita­tions may per­force also change over time. Note too that if you do cite this as a draft and page num­ber, the p” is required in order to avoid ambi­gu­i­ty with draft-pas­sage cita­tions, which oth­er­wise look identical.

Color hues in Anduin are provided as hints to sources and types of data. This is a key to the colors used — but distinguishing among them is not necessary for effective use of the system.

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The River Anduin, depicted in Ted Nasmith’s “The Argonath,” courtesy the artist and Sophisticated Games